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Antonio Fassino (Tenor) (Piobesi Torinese 1874 - Padova 1913)



He sang in the chorus of Milan and Turin. He started his career as baritone (1901). Later he switched to tenor, making his second debut at the Politeama Armandi in Asti as Pollione in ‘’Norma’’. It Happened the next year. In 1904 he performed at the Teatro Donizetti in Bergamo as Alvaro in ‘’La Forza del Destino’’. In 1906 he undertook a big South America tour with very successful appearances in Montevideo (Teatro Urquiza) and Rio de Janeiro (Teatro Victoria). In 1908, together with P. Mascagni’s opera troupe, he presented composer’s new opera ‘’Amica’’ in different Italian theatres – Genova (Politeama Genovese), Roma (Teatro Costanzi), Trieste (Politeama Rossetti), Verona (Teatro Ristori). In 1907  Fassino sang at the Teatro Vittorio Emanuele in ‘’Andrea Chenier’’. In 1907 Fassino married the soprano Giuseppina Cinzano. He died in 1913, suddenly, during an engagement in Padua.

 Chronology of some appearances

1902 Asti Politeama Armandi Norma (Pollione)
1904 Bergamo Teatro Donizetti Forza del Destino (Alvaro)
1906 Montevideo Teatro Urquiza Aida (Radames)
1906 Rio de Janeiro Teatro Victoria Guarany (Pery)
1907 Torino Teatro Vittorio Emanuele Andrea Chenier (Chenier)
1908 Genova Politeama Genovese  Gloria di A.Cilea (Lionetto)
1908 Roma Teatro Costanzi  Gloria di A.Cilea (Lionetto)
1908 Trieste Politeama Rossetti Amica (Giorgio)
1908 Verona Teatro Ristori Amica (Giorgio)



Il Trovatore: Deserto sulla terra Columbia D 4365  10671
Aida: Morir si pura e bella Columbia D9204  10847
Andrea Chenier:  Improvviso Columbia D9212 10845
Andrea Chenier: Come un bel di di maggio Columbia D 9212 10862
Lohengrin: Da voi lontan Columbia D4365  10672
Il Guarany: Sento una forza indomita with Maria Ivanisi Columbia D4306
Norma: Me protegge Columbia D4175 10673

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