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Umberto Sorrentino (Tenor) (Firenze 1883 - New York 1959)




He studied in Florence and probably debut in 1902 at the Teatro Umberto I of Castelfiorentino in ''La Favorita''. In 1905 he was hired in Lambardi Opera Company for a long tour in Central and South America. In 1910 he went to the United States where he settled permanently. In the second part of his career he devoted himself with little luck to the organization of opera companies. Once a company organized for the mining area of Pennsylvania and arrived just when it began a strike of miners. He had a dramatic personality; he was, according to his friends, always "on stage". In 1945 he settled in New York hired by the Philadelphia-La Scala Opera Company. After the withdrawal he taught English at the Berlitz School and had, as students, many important theatrical actors. He was hospitalized with his wife who died in hospital four weeks before him. In an article drawn from the New York Times of 1915 was written that Sorrentino, known concert singer, at the beginning of the Foot-Ball championship, warns all singers that rooting for their favorite team it's one of the most dangerous , or even disastrous, things that they can possibly do with their singing voice. They can severely damage the vocal cords and threatens to burn an artery.

Chronology of some appearances

1902 Castelfiorentino Teatro Umberto I Favorita (Fernando)
1906 Guatemala Teatro Colon Don Pasquale (Ernesto)
1912 New York Lyceum Theater Concerto
1913 New York Hotel Plaza Concerto
1914 New York Waldorf Concerto
1915 Agheville Auditorium Concerto
1917 Passaic Auditorium Concerto
1918 Cleveland Colonial Concerto
1919 Bridgeport High School Assembly Hall Concerto



Tre giorni son che (Pergolesi) Victor  63323  B-10557- 2
Don Pasquale: Cerchero lontana terra Victor 63324  B-10560- 1
Paride ed Elena: Spiagge amate Victor 63323 B-10561-1
Rigoletto: Parmi veder le lagrime Victor 63324 B-10576- 1
Tu sei morta nella vita mia Romanza (Costa) Victor 63326  B-10578-2
Vorrei Romanza (Tosti) Victor 63326 B-10577- 1


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