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Emile Scaramberg (Tenor) (Besancon, France 1863 - Besancon, France 1938)




He studied singing at the Paris Sainte-Marie Institute in and later with the tenor E. Perrin. He completed his vocal training with Charles Nicot and made his debut in 1893 at the Paris Opera-Comique in ‘’Richard Coeur-de-Lion’’of Gretry. He remained two years at the Opera-Comique and then sang at the opera houses of Nantes, Nice, Marseille, Bordeaux and Vichy. Guest performances followed in London (Covent Garden. 1897) and Monte Carlo. In the 1896-97 season he performed at the opera house of Nice as a partner of Nellie Melba. In 1897 Scaramberg was in Antwerp where he sang in Wagner’s ‘’Tannhauser’’. In the 1898-99 season he appeared at the Theatre de la Monnaie in Brussels. Recruited by Pedro Gailhard, director of the Opera, who heard him in Bordeaux, Scaramberg made his Palais Garnier debut as Lohengrin in 1903. From 1903 to 1907 he was a member of the Grand Opera in Paris (beginning role: Lohengrin). Here he appeared among other things in 1905 in an important performance of Gluck’s ‘’Armide’’. In 1907 he suddenly lost his voice and had to give up his career and lived then as a pedagogue in Besancon.

Chronology of some appearances

1893 Paris Opera-Comique Richard Coeur-de-Lion
1897 London Covent Garden
1897 Antwerp Opera House Werther
1898-99 Brussels Theatre de la Monnaie
1903 Paris  Palais Garnier Lohengrin
1905 Paris Grand Opera Armide
1903-1907 Paris Grand Opera


Faust: Laissez-moi with Georgette Brejean-Silver Fonotipia 86001 xxxph 691
Romeo et Juliette: Ah, leve-toi, soleil  39172 xph 640
Manon: Je suis seul…Ah! Fuyez, douce image Fonotipia 39174 xph 641
Manon: Je suis seul…Ah! Fuyez, douce image Fonotipia 56048 xph 698
La Reine de Saba: Inspirez-moi, race divine  Fonotipia 39180 xph 656
Carmen: La fleur  Fonotipia 39178 xph 660 
Lohengrin: Ah! respirons Fonotipia 39187 xph 661 
Werther: Un autre est son epoux… J’aurais sur ma poitrine Fonotipia 39179 xph 662 
Rigoletto: Comme la plume Fonotipia 39177 xph 663 
Cavalleria Rusticana: Sicilienne Fonotipia 39175xph 665
Sigurd: Entree de Sigurd Fonotipia 39176 xph 672 
Fedora: Amor ti vieta Fonotipia 39173 xph 673
Mireille: Anges du paradis  Fonotipia 39189 xph 686
Lakme: Fantaisie aux divins mensonges Fonotipia   56049
Romeo et Juliette: Madrigal with Georgette Brejean-Silver Fonotipia 56051 xph 728
Paillasse: Grand Air Fonotipia 39358 xph 733 
La Favorite: Cavatine  Fonotipia 39359 xph 734
Rigoletto: Ballade Fonotipia  39184 xph 751 
Faust: Cavatine Fonotipia 56045 xph 752 
Werther: Pourquoi me reveiller Fonotipia 39186 xph 760 
Mignon: Elle ne croyait pas Fonotipia  56095 xph 762 
Si j’etais roi: J’ignore son nom Fonotipia  56074 xph 763
L'Africaine: O Paradiso Fonotipia 39185 xph750
Romeo et Juliette: Scene du tombeau Fonotipia 39188 xph 664




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