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Romano Ciaroff-Ciarini (Tenor) (Nikolaieff 1878  – Odessa 1964)




The real surname of this tenor was Gurovich. He studied singing at the St. Petersburg Conservatory wih Gabel. Later he took the lessons in St. Petersburg from Prof. Nicolai. In 1905 (27 march) he appeared at the student's performance of the opera ''Kashchey the immortal'' of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, that produced  as a sign of public protest аgainst of discharge of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov from conservatory. He sang the role of Kashchey. I think this performance was his debut in opera. When Romano Chiaroff-Ciarini completed his study at the conservatory he appeared in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Kazan (1907-1909), then in Ekaterinburg (1909—10), Perm ((1909—10, antrepr. A.A.Altshuller), at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg (debut as Lenski). Then he started his international career and appeared in Genova, Venezia, Milan, Florence, Rome, Barcelona (Teatro Liceo, 1912), London,  Zúrich, Bucharest,  Warsaw. In 1913 at the Petersburg National House he appeared in  the operas ‘’Lakme’’ and ‘’The Snow maiden’’. In the 1925-26 season he sang in GATOB. In 1927 he appeared in the cities of SSSR with famous russian sopranos Lidya Lipkovskaya and Valeria Barsova. In august of 1929 Romano Chiaroff-Ciarini sang in Baku. Critics called him russian italian. He Possessed an easy, equal voice of a warm timbre and an extensive range. He easy overcame technical passages of any difficulty. He appeared in more then 30 operas. Sang with George Baklanov, Lidya Lipkovskaya, E. De-Vos Soboleva,  A. Paschalova. He created in Ekaterinburg roles of Hofmann and De Grieux (Manon). From 1950s until his dead Chiaroff-Ciarini taught at the conservatory of Odessa. In the period of World War II he was in evacuation in Tajikstan, and he sang there in hopitals, taught, help young singers in National Opera Theatre. He was a National artist of Tajikstan. One of his last concerts he sang in 1946 in Leningrad.

Chronology of some appearances

 1911 Montreaux Kursaal Boheme (Rodolfo)
1912 Brescia Teatro Grande Romeo et Juliette (Romeo)
1913 Barcellona Teatro Liceo Barbiere di Siviglia (Almaviva)
1915 Venezia Teatro Rossini Favorita (Fernando)
1916 Milano Teatro Carcano Manon (De Grieux)
1917 Genova Politeama Genovese Favorita (Fernando)
1918 Alessandria Teatro Municipale Barbiere di Siviglia (Almaviva)
1919 Palermo Teatro Massimo Werther (Werther)
1920 Genova Teatro Paganini Barbiere di Siviglia (Almaviva)
1923 Cagliari Teatro Civico Le Donne Curiose (Florindo)
1925 Bucarest Teatro Opera Madama Butterfly (Pinkerton)


Werther: Ah! non mi ridestar Fonotipia 92929 Xph 4819
I Pescatori di perle: Mi par d'udire ancora  Fonotipia  92930 Xph 4824
Manon: Ah! dispar vision with Isabella De Frate Fonotipia 92896 XPh 4826
Romeo et Juliette: Deh sorgi, o luce, in ciel  Fonotipia 92931  XPh 4822
Romeo et Juliette: Ah, ben lo sai Fonotipia  92932 XPh 4827-2
Romeo et Julietta: Angiol che vesti grazie celesti with Margherita Perosio Fonotipia 69357 XPh 5252
La Favorita: Spirto gentil Fonotipia 69356 XPh 5251
Manon: Chiudo gli occhi Fonotipia 92895 XPh 4825
I Gioielli della Madonna: Madonna con sospiri Fonotipia 69103 XPh 4959
I Gioielli della Madonna: Madonna dei dolor Fonotipia 69104 XPh 4960
I Gioielli della Madonna: Prostato nella polvere Fonotipia  69105 XPh 4961
I Gioielli della Madonna: Sanno odor d’incenso  Fonotipia 69106 XPh 4964




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