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Tino Folgar (Tenor) (Barcelona 1892 - Buenos Aires 1983)




Juventino Folgar Ascaso was born on January 25th 1892 at Cordal near Barcelona. At 17 he joined an artistic group and took part in a number of music and drama productions. A relation, struck by his gifts, secured him a place at the Lyceum. Such was the impression he made that some went as far as comparing his voice to Anselmi’s.Having taken a teacher, he appeared with great success at Barcelona’s Tivoli theatre in four productions of both Bohäme and Barbiere di Siviglia. To complete his musical training he went in 1922 to Milan. Unfortunately, he chose a blundering and quite incompetent teacher called Bellini. Soon his voice was so damaged that he could no longer sing a note. Very bitter, he prepared to return to Barcelona when he chanced to meet a somewhat odd teacher called Estchan Pascual who taught according to the old Porpora method. Odd or not, Pascual both restored his voice and so improved its fullness and extent that our tenor could soon vocalise up to a high F sharp. Following Pascual’s advice, he made his debut in 1925 at the Acqui spa station in Barbiere di Siviglia. After a great success in Lucia di Lammermoor, he was engaged for these two operas at Boghera and Genoa’s Paganini theatre. 1927 was an important year for him:he married Yole Solito de Solis from a noble family,and recorded in Milan the Duke of Mantua in a complete performance of Rigoletto.Finally in 1927 he sang with Supervia, Bettoni and Pasini in Italiana in Algeri at Rome’s Argentina theatre; there his success was outstanding in an opera which had not been performed in this important theatre for 80 years. After appearing in several other theatres where his interpretations in Lucia, Barbiere, Traviata, Boheme and La Favorita won him thousands of admirers, he returned to his native Barcelona to appear in numerous concerts and a moving performance of Massenet’s Manon. He then turned to zarzuela, creating in La Mattiera de Jacinto Guerrero and Los Claveles (Carnations) of Jose Serrano.Later his magnificent voice was heard in Luisa Fernanda, El Huested del Sevillano, Los de Aragon, Los Gavilanos, Dona Francisquita and many others. He next essayed Viennese operetta. In 1932 he appeared in the first Spanish musical film, La Cancion del Dia. After a little musical comedy he went to Las Palmas to open a grand opera season. Finally, he appeared on Argentine radio before ending his singing career in 1952, settling in Buenos Aires where he opened a singing academy. There he retired before dying in 1983 at the age of 91.

Chronology of some appearances

1922 Barcellona  Teatro Tivoli Boheme (Rodolfo)
1922 Barcellona  Teatro Tivoli Barbiere di Siviglia (Almaviva)
1925 Voghera  Teatro Sociale Boheme (Rodolfo)
1925 Voghera  Teatro Sociale Barbiere di Siviglia (Almaviva)
1925 Roma Teatro Costanzi Barbiere di Siviglia (Almaviva)
1925 'S-Gravenhage  Gebouw Voor Kunsten en Wetenschappen Boheme (Rodolfo)
1925 'S-Gravenaghe  Gebouw Voor Kunsten en Wetenschappen Rigoletto (Duca)
1925 Aragon  Teatro Garcia Barbon Barbiere di Siviglia (Almaviva)
1925 Guipuzcoa Teatro Victoria Eugenia Barbiere di Siviglia (Almaviva)
1925 Napoli  Politeama Giacosa Barbiere di Siviglia (Almaviva)
1926 Amsterdam Paleis Voor Volksvlijt Barbiere di Siviglia (Almaviva)
1926 'S-Gravenhage Gebouw Voor Kunsten en Wetenschappen Barbiere di Siviglia (Almaviva)
1926 'S-Gravenhage Koninklijke Schouwburg Barbiere di Siviglia (Almaviva)
1926 Lucca  Teatro del Giglio Rigoletto (Duca)
1926 Lucca Teatro Del Giglio Barbiere di Siviglia (Almaviva)
1926 Genova  Teatro Paganini Barbiere di Siviglia (Almaviva)
1928 Nice  Palais Mediterranee Rigoletto (Duca)



Los Gavilanes: Flor roja  Gramophone AF288 112-605
Los de Aragon: Cuantas veces solo ... Los de Aragon Gramophone  112-603 AF282
Los de Aragon: Aguita que corre al mar Gramophone   112-603 AF282
Luisa Fernanda: Habanera del Saboyano  Gramophone DA4207 110-2410
Luisa Fernanda: Cuanto tiempo sin verte with Laura Nieto and Emilio Sagi-Barba  Gramophone DA4206 110-2409
Luisa Fernanda: Terceto with Laura Nieto and Emilio Sagi-Barba  Gramophone DA4217 11-2409
El carrero, Aire criollo (Arturo de Nava) Gramophone AA197 110-1719
Rose Marie: Fox Gramophone AA171 110-879
Rose Marie: Canciуn india Gramophone  AA17 1 110-878
Martierra: Tomillo hierba buena Gramophone 262791 AE2364
Martierra:  Vino, seras generoso Gramophone 262789 AE2366
Luisa Fernanda: Mazurca de las sombrillas with Laura Nieto Gramophone DA4216
Martierra: Ancha vela marina Gramophone 262788 AE2366
La picara molinera. Romanza de Juan de Colas Gramophone 2-62398  AC137

Complete Rigoletto with Luigi Piazza, Lina Pagliughi, Salvatore Baccaloni and Linda Brambilla HMV 1927


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