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Ferruccio Giannini (Tenor) (Ponte d'Arnia, Italy 1868 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  1948)




At the age of seventeen he emigrated to USA. In Boston he  took singing lessons from Eleodoro De Campi. In 1891 Giannini made his debut in Boston and  from 1892 to 1894 undertook an America tour with the Mapleson Opera Company. Then he lived in Philadelphia and appeared in opera and concert performances in the USA and also  taught  singing. He  opened in Philadelphia a small theatre in which he organized operas and concerts with his pupils. Married the violinist Antonietta Briglia. His daughter was the famous opera singer Dusolina Giannini. Giannini was the founder of the  Verdi Opera House in Philadelphia. He was the first “serious” operatic artist to make recordings, for Berliner in 1896, and later for Victor and Zonophone.



Il Trovatore: Miserere with Edith Merrilees Victor 31311 C-1703- 1
Luisa Miller: Quando le  sere al placido Berliner 1740   
Funiculi, funiculа (Denza) Victor 2404 B1687-2
Il Trovatore:  Miserere Victor 2431 B1683-2
Palms  (Faure) Berliner 0297   
Rigoletto: La donna e mobile Victor 2531 B503-1
Rigoletto: Questa o quella Berliner 983   
Rigoletto: Questa o quella Victor 4058 B1682-2
Santa Lucia (Cottrau) Berliner Gramophone 1617W    
Sweetest Story Ever Told (Stults) Rex 5168   
Violets (Wright) Victor 2506 B468-2
Pieta, Signore (Niedermeyer) Berliner 979Z   
Martha: M’appari Berliner 905   


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