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Edgardo Gherlinzoni (Tenor) (Stellata di Bondeno 1876 - Ferrara 1961)




At first, he learned the occupation of a shoemaker. then he took singing lessons and made his debut as an operetta singer. After additional study he turned to the opera making his debut in 1903 at the Teatro Carignano of  Turin as Duke in ‘’Rigoletto’’. His star role was Arturo in Bellini’s ‘’I Puritani’’ which he sang in 1908 at the Teatro Real in Madrid as a partner of Graziella Pareto. He also appeared at the Conservatory of St. Petersburg, at the opera theatres of Cairo, Brussels and Warsaw. Nevertheless, his stage activity did not last much longer than 18 years; his big stage roles were in ‘’La Traviata’’, ‘’La Boheme’’, ‘’Rigoletto’’ and ‘’La Gioconda’’. In 1918 he retired from the stage and became a businessman, but without success. Then he lived in Ferrara, tought singing and appeared in concerts. In the end, he was taken up in an old people's home.

Chronology of some appearances

1903 Turin Teatro Carignano Rigoletto (Duke)
1908 Madrid Teatro Real Puritani (Arturo)
1909 Conservatory St. Petersburg Puritani (Arturo)
1910 Rovigo Teatro Sociale Mefistofele(Faust)
1911 Bologna Teatro Verdi Puritani (Arturo)
1912 Rimini Teatro Vittorio Emanuele Mefistofele (Faust)
1913 Novara Teatro Coccia Traviata (Alfredo)
1914 Pistoia Politeama Mabellini Puritani (Arturo)
1915 Messina Teatro Mastroieni Puritani (Arturo)
1916 Modena Teatro Storchi Puritani (Arturo)



I Puritani: Vieni fra queste braccia with Adele Pasini Columbia D1599 10941
La mascotte: L'ambito fin, raggiunto io l'ho Columbia D 4296 11098
Les mosquetaires au couvent: Saria mai ver Columbia D 4296 11100
Rigoletto: E' il sol dell'anima with Adele Pasini Columbia C2043 10942
Rigoletto Un di, se ben rammentomi...Bella figlia dell'amore Columbia  D4261 10980
La Gioconda: Cielo e mar! Columbia D17506 74709
La Boheme: Che gelida manina Columbia D 17506 74708




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