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Ernesto Cammarota (Tenor) (Bari 1861 - Zagreb 1934)




He made his debut in 1882 in Italy. Here he sang among other things at Arena of Siracusa in Verdi’s ‘’La Traviata’’ (1884), at Politeama of Piacenza  in ‘’Ruy Blas’’ of Marchetti (1886). In 1887 he was engaged by the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb and was so successful there that he performed in this opera house untill the end of his career (1924). Here he performed in many local premieres (‘’Mefistofele’’, ‘’La Bohème’’ (1898), ‘’Pagliacci’’ (1894), ‘’Cavalleria rusticana’’, ‘’Werther’’ and  ‘’The Tales of Hoffmann’’). In 1897 sang the title role in the premiere of the opera ‘’Porin’’ of Lisinski. After his retirement he worked as a pedagogue in Zagreb.

‘’Tosca’’ was first presented to Croatian audiences by Italian opera companies: in 1902 in Rijeka and 1904 in Split. The first performance in Croatian was in Zagreb on October 6, 1911. It was conducted by Milan Zuna (1881-1960), Tosca was sung by Anka Horvat (1884-1948), Cavaradossi was the meritorious lead singer of the Zagreb Opera, the veteran Ernesto Cammarota (1861-1934) and Scarpia was taken by one of the mainstays of Croatian opera reproduction, Marko Vušković (1877-1960).

In 1902 Cammarota made two records for G&T in Agram (Zagreb).

Chronology of some appearances

Arena Siracusa  ‘’La Traviata’’ (1884)
Politeama Piacenza  ‘’Ruy Blas’’ (1886)



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