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Nini Frascani (Mezzo-Soprano) (Milan 1878 – Milan ? 1935)




She studied singing with Cosentino and Puzzone at Naples. In 1899 she made her debut at Naples in ‘’La Favorita’’. In 1903 she sang at La Scala the role of  Fricka in the Italian premiere of Wagner’s ‘’Rheingold’’ and appeared there also as Principessa in ‘’Adriana Lecouvreur’’. In 1909 she performed as Neris in an important premiere of Cherubini’s opera ‘’Medea’’. In 1905 she guested at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples in the premiere of Leopoldo Mugnone's opera ‘’Vita Bretonne’’. In 1904 she sang at Covent Garden in London as a partner of Enrico Caruso, in 1906 and from 1914-15 with big success she sang at the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires. In 1906 in this same theatre she sang in ‘’La figlia di Jorio’’, ‘’Rigoletto’’ and ‘’La Walkiria’’; on 4. 8. 1914 she appeared at the same theatre in the premiere of the opera ‘’El Sueсo d'Alma'’’ of Carlos Lopez Buchardo. In 1909 she again performed at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples, this time in ‘’Amleto’’ of  A. Thomas. In 1911 at the Teatro Regio in Parma she sang the role of Laura in ‘’La Gioconda’’. Since 1909 she had at Scala a persistently successful career; she helped there among other things in 1911 in the premiere of the opera ‘’Ariane et Barbe-bleue’’ of Dukas. In 1913 she appeared at the Verdi-commemorative celebrations in many famous Italian theaters. Thus she sang at the Teatro Regio in Parma in Verdi's operas ‘’Oberto’’ and ‘’Nabucco’’. She married the tenor Gaetano Tommasini and appeared with him in North America. In 1921 with Favorita Opera Company in Manhattan Theatre, New York, later with San Carlo Opera Company. During the 1930s she retired from the stage and then lived in Milan where she opened together with Gaetano Tommasini an opera studio.

Chronology of some appearances

1903 Napoli  Teatro San Carlo Favorita (Leonora)
1904 Milano  Teatro Lirico Adraiana Lecouvreur (Principessa)
1904 Londra  Covent Garden Rigoletto (Maddalena)
1905 Napoli  Teatro San Carlo Adraiana Lecouvreur (Principessa)
1905 Napoli  Teatro San Carlo Gioconda (Laura)
1908 Oporto  Teatro S. Joao  Favorita (Leonora)
1908 Trieste  Anfiteatro Fenice Favorita (Leonora)
1909 Napoli  Teatro San Carlo Carmen (Carmen)
1909 Napoli  Teatro San Carlo Guglielmo Ratcliff (Margherita)
1910 Venezia  Teatro Rossini Carmen (Carmen)
1910 Brescia  Teatro Grande Don Carlo (Eboli)
1911 Padova  Teatro Verdi Carmen (Carmen)
1911 Parma  Teatro Regio Gioconda (Laura)
1912 Bergamo  Teatro Donizetti Carmen (Carmen)
1912 Bologna  Teatro Comunale Don Carlo (Eboli)
1912 Napoli  Teatro Mercadante Favorita (Leonora)
1913 Madrid Teatro Reale Carmen (Carmen)
1913 Madrid  Teatro Reale Favorita (Leonora)
1913 Roma  Teatro Costanzi Carmen (Carmen)
1913 Trieste  Teatro Verdi Carmen (Carmen)
1913 Torino  Teatro Regio Don Carlo (Eboli)
1915 Piacenza  Teatro Municipale Carmen (Carmen)
1915 Buenos Ayres  Teatro Colon Carmen (Carmen)
1915 Firenze  Teatro Della Pergola Carmen (Carmen)
1916 Valencia  Teatro Principal Carmen (Carmen)
1917 Venezia  Teatro Rossini Carmen (Carmen)
1917 Milano  Teatro Dal Verme Favorita (Leonora)
1918 Genova  Politeama Genovese Gioconda (Laura)
1919 Mantova Teatro Andreani Carmen (Carmen)
1919 Ascoli Piceno  Teatro Ventidio Basso Carmen (Carmen)
1919 Urbino  Teatro Sanzio Gioconda (Cieca)
1920 Roma  Teatro Nazionale Carmen (Carmen)
1920 Napoli Politeama Giacosa Don Carlo (Eboli)
1920 Livorno  Teatro Avvalorati Gioconda (Laura)
1921 Prato  Teatro Metastasio Carmen (Carmen)
1921 Brooklyn  Academy of Music Carmen (Carmen)
1921 New York  Lexington Theater Carmen (Carmen)
1921 New York  Manhattan Theater Carmen (Carmen)
1921 New York  Manhattan Opera House Favorita (Leonora)
1921 New York Teatro Manhattan Gioconda (Laura)
1921 Philadelphia  Teatro Metropolitan Carmen (Carmen)
1922 Los Angeles  Philarmonic Auditorium Carmen (Carmen)
1922 Los Angeles Philarmonic Auditorium Lohengrin (Ortruda)
1922 Edmondton  Empress Theater Carmen (Carmen)
1922 St. Louis Odeon Theater Carmen (Carmen)
1922 Buffalo Teck Theater Carmen (Carmen)
1923 Napoli  Teatro San Carlo Adraiana Lecouvreur (Principessa)



Aida: Gia i sacerdoti…Misero appien mi festi with Giovanni Zenatello Fonotipia 39527, 39528, xPh 1664, xPh 1663
Aida: Duetto, act II with Celestina Boninsegna Columbia    86600   
La Gioconda: L'amo come il fulgor with Celestina Boninsegna Columbia 86599   
Carmen: Pressa il bastian di Siviglia Columbia D5504 11154
Carmen: Scene delle carte Columbia A1634  11153
Carmen: Habanera Columbia D 5505 11113
La Favorita: O mio Fernando Columbia D 5505 11115




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