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Gaston Micheletti (Tenor) (Tavaco, Corsica 1892 – Ajaccio, Corsica 1959)




A Corsican tenor, Micheletti spent the major part of his career (from 1925 to 1946) as one of the stalwarts in Paris at the Opera-Comique, where he was justly acclaimed in a wide variety of roles, admirably represented by this careful remastering of his Odeon records. Since he has until now been best known as partner to Supervia in her Carmen recordings and as Des Grieux to Emma Luart's Manon (already reissued by Vintage, 4/97), this solo recital is most welcome. His pleasing, plangent lyric tenor, with a quick vibrato typical of its time in his part of the operatic firmament, is used with the utmost artistry in a wide range of French repertory, most notably perhaps as Faust, Romeo, Wilhelm Meister and Werther, all four of whose solos are included here. Micheletti's high notes were not produced easily, so it's not surprising, indeed rather gratifying, to hear him take the high C of Faust's cavatine as an exquisitely produced head note. In an age when Francophone singers, particularly tenors, are at a premium, it is a pleasure to hear all these pieces sung with such a feeling for the shape and timbre of the text, nowhere more so perhaps than in the duet from Hoffmann, where he is partnered by Luart — a gently romantic rendering, both artists singing lightly off the text in a way you won't hear in any modern set of the work. The same can be said of the 'Chanson du Magali' from Mireille, where he sings with another of his Comique partners, Marie-Therese Gauley (who sang the Child in the premiere of L'enfant et les sortikges). The recital ends with four songs, two Italian ones and — utterly haunting — two Corsican folk-songs with guitar accompaniment, collector's pieces, as the originals are rarities.



Les Contes d'Hoffmann:  C'est une chanson d'amour with Emma Luart  Odeon 188574  188574
Le roi d’ys: Vainement, ma bien aimee Odeon 188654
Romeo et Juliette:  Ah! leve-toi, soleil Odeon 171019
Faust: Salut! demeure chaste et  pure  Odeon 123650
Mireille: Anges du paradis Odeon  188510
Werther:  Ah! non mi ridestar Odeon 188582
Carmen: Ho nome Escamilio with Arthur Endreze  Odeon 123776
Mireille: O Magali with Marie Therese Gauley Odeon 171017
Carmen:  La fleur que tu m'avais jetee Odeon 123650
Manon: Ah! Non credevi tu Odeon 171019
Manon: Le reve Odeon 188655
Mignon: Addio Mignon Odeon  188506
Sigurd: Esprits gardiens Odeon 171023
Werther: O natura Odeon 188510
Werther: J'aurais sur ma poitrine Odeon  188655
Werther: Lorsque l'enfant revient  Odeon 188654
Melodies corses Odeon 281123
Lamento di u castagnu a un corsu Odeon 188789
Cavalleria Rusticana: No no with Germaine Cernay  Odeon  123782
Cavalleria Rusticana:  Addio alla madre with Mady Arty  Odeon 123782
Martha: M'appari  Odeon 188813
Romeo et Juliette: O nuit divine...Ah ne fuis pas with Eide Norena Odeon  123605, 123606
Tosca: Recondita armonia Odeon 188657
Mitrane: Ah! rendimi quel core Anthologie sonore 64
Vado ben spesso Anthologie sonore 64


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