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Ersilde Cervi-Caroli (Soprano) (Casumaro 1883 - Ferrara 1964)



She was in Ferrara pupil of Elisa Donzelli Stefanini. She made her debut in 1902 at Comunale of Cesenatico as Mimi in ‘’La Boheme’’ and already in 1906 she made her debut at La Scala, Milan singing the role of Micaela in ‘’Carmen’’. She became known above all as an interpreter of the soprano parts in operas of the verist composers and sang in many big Italian opera houses: at the Teatro Costanzi Rome (where she created in 1916 the title role in the Italian premiere of Charpentier’s ‘’Louise’’), at the Teatro Regio Parma (1913 as Alice Ford in Verdi’s ‘’Falstaff’’), at the Teatro Massimo Palermo (1922), at the Teatro Della pergola, Firenze (1919, title role in ‘’Suor of Angelica’’ of  Puccini), at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice (1921), at the Teatro Dal Verme, Milan (1924). In 1914 she made guest appearance at the Teatro Petit in St. Petersburg where she performed in ‘’Manon’’ and ‘’Tosca’’. She also appeared in Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, San Paolo and Warsaw. She performed also in the premieres of the contemporary Italian operas, thus in ‘’Maria di Magdala’’ of A.Pedrollo (Rome, 1924), ‘’Shanda’’ of  F. Lattuada (Genoa, 1924) and ‘’Anna Karenina’’ of I. Robbiani (Rome, 1924). In 1936 she sang for the last time at the Teatro Grande in Brescia in the title role of the Puccini’s opera ‘’Madama Butterfly’’. She sat down as a song pedagogue and belonged from 1947 to 1952 to the faculty of the opera school of the Teatro Comunale in Florence. Among her pupils where Renata Tebaldi, Clara Petrella and Lella Gaio.

Chronology of some appearances

1902 Cesenatico Teatro Comunale Boheme (Mimi)
1904 Serravalle Politeama Boheme (Mimi)
1906 Firenze Teatro Verdi Guglielmo Tell (Matilde)
1908 Bologna Teatro Olimpia Boheme (Mimi)
1910 Verona Teatro Filarmonico Madama Butterfly (Cio-Cio-San)
1912 Roma Teatro Costanzi Boheme (Mimi)
1914 Napoli Teatro San Carlo Madama Butterfly (Cio-Cio-San)
1916 Roma Teatro Costanzi Manon Lescaut (Manon)
1918 La Spezia Politeama Duca di Genova Wally (Wally)
1920 Genova Teatro Paganini Fedora (Fedora)
1922 Como Teatro Sociale Anima Allegra di F.Vittadini (Consuelo)
1924 Ravenna Teatro Alighieri Tosca (Tosca)
1926 Napoli Teatro San Carlo Adriana Lecouvreur (Adriana)
1928 Genova Teatro Carlo Felice Werther (Carlotta)
1930 Pisa Teatro Verdi Fedora (Fedora)
1932 Malta Teatro Reale Madame Sans-Gene di U.Giordano
1936 Brescia Teatro Sociale Madama Butterfly (Cio-Cio-San)



Manon: Ancor son io Fonotipia 92950 XPh 3194
Carmen: Ah! Mi parla di lei…Mia madre with Giovanni Zenatello Fonotipia 62004, 62005, XPh 2341, XPh 2342
La Boheme: Si, mi chiamano Mimi Fonotipia 92462 XPh 3195
Carmen: Io dico, no, non son paurosa Fonotipia Unpubl. XPh 2343
Manon:  Ancor son io... (Entrata di Manon) Fonotipia  92950 XPh 3194
Manon Lescaut : In quelle trine morbide Fonotipia  92461 XPh 3834
Manon:  Uscita di Manon Fonotipia Unpubl. XPh 2427





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