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Emmanuel Lafarge (Tenor) (? 1860 - ?)




After he had been trained at the Conservatoire National de Paris, he debuted in 1889 at the theater of Rouen. Here he sang on 3. 3. 1890 in the French premiere of the opera  ‘’Samson et Dalila’’ of Saint-Saens (after premiere in 1877 in Weimar) the part of the Samson. From  1890 to 1892 he was engaged by the Theatre de la Monnaie Brussels, afterwards in the opera house by Lyons. Afterwards he appeared as guest-wise only. In the 1894-95 season he appeared at La Scala where he sang the title role in ‘’Sigurd’’ of Reyer and the Samson in ‘’Samson et Dalila’’. Then in 1896 he also guested at the Grand Opera, Paris in ’’ Samson et Dalila’’ and ‘Walkiria’’. He had a successful career in the leading opera stages in the French province in which he appeared in particular as a Wagner's interpreter (Tristan, Siegfried etc.).

In Paris in the late 1890s, Henri Lioret made a number of cylinder recordings of French artists in opera, operetta and cafe-concert music. Among them were two recordings by a French tenor named Emmanuel Lafarge performing Eleazar’s "Rachel, quand du Seigneur" which are thus among the earliest operatic selections that have been preserved.



Joseph: Vainement Pharaon ...Champs paternels  Lioret Cylinder
La Juive: Rachel quand du Seigneur (version 1) Lioret Cylinder
La Juive: Rachel quand du Seigneur (version 2) Lioret Cylinder
Robert le Diable: O fortune, a ton caprice Lioret Cylinder
Romeo et Juliette: Ange adorable with Mademoiselle Defodan  Lioret Cylinder
Le Trouvere: Dieu que ma voix implore Lioret Cylinder
Aпda: O celeste Aida Lioret Cylinder
Lohengrin: O mon cher cygne Lioret Cylinder
Siegfried: Nothung! Nothung! Stances Lioret Cylinder
Stances (Flegier) Lioret Cylinder


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