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Nicola Fasciolo (Tenor) (Novi Ligure 1868 - Torino 1945)







He studied piano and organ, then also song in Turin. He never performed on the opera stages and appeared only in concerts. He excited big sensation as a soloist in the oratorios of the priest and composer Lorenzo Perosi. Together with the Mezzo-soprano Chiarina Fino-Savio and the baritone Giuseppe Kaschmann he counted as a leading interpreter of the works of Perosi. He sang in numerous churches in Italy, appearing also at the Teatro Comunale in Bologna, at the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa and in other italian opera stages in performances of these oratorios. In 1902 he had a special success when he reported the tenor part in Perosi’s ‘’Risurrezione di Cristo’’ at the cathedral of Siena. In December, 1902 he sang in the Italian premiere of the oratorio ‘’San Francesco’’ of Edgar Tinel in Milan and in Florence in ‘’Maria al Golgota’’ of Antonio Sonzogno together with Guerrina Fabbri. In 1912 he performed at the Teatro Regio in  Parma in the oratorio ‘’Judith’’ of  Arnaldo Furlotti. In 1904 together with the soprano Irma Monti-Baldini and the baritone Giuseppe Kaschmann he sang in Warsaw in Perosi’s oratorio ‘’Il Giudizio Universale’’. In 1919 he undertook as a soloist with the Societa Polifonica Romana a big concert tour through the USA and Canada. From 1900 to 1940 he was the soloist of the Royal House and of the Cathedral in Turin.



Lohengrin: Racconto Zonophone X-430
Madrigale Su la lontana (Simonetti)
Tu non mi vuoi piu bene (Pini- Corsi) Milagrophon 2170-I
Mattinata (Leoncavallo) Milagrophon  2171-I


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