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Jeanne Jomelli (Soprano)





Second Concert of Splendid Soprano From Hammerstein's
Announced for Today

Mme Jomelli, the splendid soprano from Oscar Hammerstein's New York forces, will give her second concert in this city today at the Novelty theater, and it should be attended by a throng. Last Thursday night at the Novelty theater, when the singer made her first bow, there was a very select audience, and very appreciative. It.was made of the right material, but there wasn't enough material.. Comment on this deplorable fact has been made by the writer with the full knowledge that you can not scold people into going to concerts or other attractions. This may be taken as a warning, to those who appreciate beautiful singing that a feast is being neglected when you miss Jomelli's mature yet fresh and sparkling art. An interesting program has been arranged for this afternoon. Mme Jomelli will sing an aria from Puccini's "La Tosca," which, if one may judge by her rendition last Friday night of the Massenet aria from "Thais," should be a superlative bit of dramatic song; Bemberg's "Chant de Bacchante"; Richard Strauss' "Heimliche" Aufferderung", "The Wind," by Spross; Hugo Wolf’s "In dem Schatten meiner Locken;" "Chanson de Neige," by Chaminade; and Carl Loewe's mighty ballad. "Niemand hat's gesh'n." Mme. Jomelli will close her program wlth a work by a modern French composer, Leroux, "The Nile." with violin obligato. Miss Nichols, violinist, will be heard in several selections. Frederick Maurer Jr. will accompany. At her final concert next Tuesday
night Mme. Jomelli will sing an aria from Charpentier's "Louise," and selections from Brahms, Hahn, Wolf, Schubert and other masters of song writing. Wednesday at 3:15 Mme. Jomelli and Miss Nichols will appear at the Liberty theater in Oakland.

The San Francisco Call, Sunday, November 14, 1909



La Traviata: Sempre libera Millophone 33


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