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Luigi Montesanto (Baritone) (Palermo 1887 - Milan 1954)



A pupil of Santorno in Palermo, Montesanto began his operatic work as a youth in small roles at the Massimo in Palermo. His debut in substantial roles took place at the Biondo in Palermo, 1908, as Escamillo in ‘’Carmen’’ and Silvio in ‘’Pagliacci’’. After singing throughout Italy, Montesanto appeared at the Colón (Buenos Aires) as Jochanaan in that house’s premiere of Strauss’s ‘’Salome’’ and then with the Metropolitan, creating there Luigi in the world premiere of Puccini’s ‘’Il Tabarro’’. His career also included La Scala, the Teatro Costanzi, and the Chicago Opera. He taught in later years, his primary pupil having been Giuseppe Di Stefano. Recordings of Montesanto’s voice appear on Pathé, Fonotipia, and electrically on Italian Columbia.

Chronology of some appearances

1908 Palermo Teatro Biondo Pagliacci (Tonio)
1909 Asti Politeama Nazionale Pagliacci (Tonio)
1910 Pisa Teatro Rossi Pagliacci (Tonio)
1910 Cremona Teatro Ponchielli Madama Butterfly (Sharpless)
1910 Trieste Politeama Rossetti   Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1910 Trieste Politeama Rossetti Madama Butterfly (Sharpless)
1913 San Francisco Tivoli Opera House Pagliacci (Tonio)
1913 San Francisco Tivoli Opera House Zaza (Cascart)
1913 Milano Teatro Dal Verme Pagliacci (Tonio)
1914 Mosca Teatro Imperiale Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1917 Udine  Teatro Sociale Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1918 Buenos Ayres  Teatro Colon Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1918 San Paolo  Teatro Municipal Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1918 Buenos Ayres Teatro Colon Pagliacci (Tonio)
1919 Buenos Ayres Teatro Coliseo Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1919 Buenos Ayres Teatro Coliseo Madama Butterfly (Sharpless)
1919  Rio de Janeiro Teatro Municipal Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1919 San Paolo Teatro Municipal Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1919 Firenze Teatro Verdi Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1920 Lisbona Teatro San Carlos Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1920 Montecarlo  Teatro del Casinò Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1920 Valencia Teatro Principal Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1922 Buenos Ayres Teatro Colon Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1922 Rio de Janeiro Teatro Municipal Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1924 Torino Teatro Regio Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1926 Chicago Civic Opera House Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1926 Alessandria Teatro Municipale Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1928 Verona Arena Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1928 Chicago Civic Opera House Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1933 Napoli Teatro San Carlo Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1934 Genova Teatro Carlo Felice Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1937 Amsterdam  Teatro Carrè Rigoletto (Rigoletto)


Pagliacci: Si puo? Fonotipia 69294 XPh 5189
Otello: Credo Fonotipia 69293 XPh 5188
Il Barbiere di Siviglia: Dunque io son with Toti dal Monte HMV DB2125 2W 2165-1
Rigoletto:  Lassu in cielo with Toti dal Monte HMV DB2124 2W B2166-2
Tosca: Gi… mi dicon venal Pathe 27021 10356
La Forza del Destino: Le minacce, i fieri accenti P.IøP.IIø with Augusto Scampini Pathe 84197, 86214, 12513, 12513
Don Giovanni: Serenata Columbia D12288 B2104
Zaz…  Zaz…, piccola zingara Pathe  10356 61538
Amica: Piu presso al ciel with Elvira Magliulo Pathe 86220, 12504


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