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Adamo Didur (Bass) (Sanok, Poland 1874 – Katowice, Poland 1946)




He studied in Lwow with Valery Wysocki. He was later working with Franz Emmerich in Milan. His concert debut came in Milan in a performance of Ludwig van Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. In 1894, he made his operatic debut in Rio de Janeiro, after which he appeared in Russia. He sang at La Scala, Milan, in 1903-1906, and at London's Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, in 1905. He also appeared with the Warsaw Opera from 1899 to 1903. Later, he travelled to Argentina, singing in Buenos Aires in the 1905-1908 operatic seasons. Didur's North American debut came at the Manhattan Opera House in 1907. Didur made his Metropolitan Opera debut on November 14, 1908, singing Ramfis in Giuseppe Verdi's Aida. He remained with the company for a quarter of a century and becoming one of its principal bass singers. It was at the Met in 1913 that he appeared in the title role in Boris Godunov in the American premiere of Mussorgsky's opera. He also created roles in three operas by Giacomo Puccini at the Met, namely, La fanciulla del West and the Il tabarro and Gianni Schicchi segments of Il Trittico. He also appeared in the world premiere of Die Kцnigskinder. His last appearance at the Met was in The Tales of Hoffmann on February 11, 1932. His voice had been on the wane for some time and he returned to Europe to live. Two months before the outbreak of World War II, Didur was appointed director of the opera company in Lwуw, but the conflict made work impossible. He was appointed the first director of the Silesian Opera in 1945.
Chronology of some appearances

1897 Pistoia Teatro Manzoni Favorita (Baldassarre)
1898 Rio de Janeiro Teatro Lirico Boheme (Colline)
1899 Messina Teatro Vittorio Emanuele Gioconda (Alvise)
1901 San Paolo  Teatro Santana Boheme (Colline)
1904 Milano Teatro alla Scala Germania (Stapp)
1904 Buenos Ayres Teatro dell'Opera Boheme (Colline)
1905 Montevideo Teatro Solis Dannazione di Faust (Mefistofele)
1905 Buenos Ayres  Teatro dell'Opera Boheme (Colline)
1906 Milano Teatro alla Scala  La Figlia di Jorio (Mietitore)
1907 Montevideo Teatro Solis Don Carlo (Filippo II°)
1907 Buenos Ayres  Teatro dell'Opera Boheme (Colline)
1908 Roma Teatro Costanzi Favorita (Baldassarre)
1908 New York Teatro Metropolitan Boheme (Colline)
1908 Philadelphia Academy of Music Boheme (Colline)
1909 Chicago Civic Opera House Boheme (Colline)
1909 New York Teatro Metropolitan Boheme (Colline)
1909 Philadelphia Academy of Music Boheme (Colline)
1910 New York Teatro Metropolitan Boheme (Colline)
1912 New York Teatro Metropolitan Boheme (Colline)
1912 Philadelphia Academy of Music Boheme (Colline)
1913 New York Teatro Metropolitan Boheme (Colline)
1914 New York Brooklyn Opera House Boheme (Colline)
1915 New York Teatro Metropolitan Boheme (Colline)
1921 Buenos Ayres Teatro Colon Boheme (Colline)
1921 Cittа del Messico Esperanza Iris Boheme (Colline)
1922 Philadelphia Academy of Music Boheme (Colline)
1923 San Francisco Civic Auditorium Boheme (Colline)
1924 Philadelphia Academy of Music Boheme (Colline)
1924 San Francisco Civic Auditorium Boheme (Colline)
1925 Buenos Ayres Teatro Colon Boheme (Colline)


Berliner Warsaw

Les Huguenots: Piff-paff (in Italian)  Berliner  22200  1382A
Si tu le voulais (Tosti) Berliner  22201 1378A
Skryta milosc (Hidden love) Berliner  22202
Roberto il Diavolo:  Le rovineson queste (in Italian) Berliner  22203 1381A
Mefistofele:  Son lo spirito chenega  Berliner 22204 1383A
Don Carlos  Dormirц sol (in Italian) Berliner 22205 1458A
O matko moja (Oh, mother) (Moniuszko) Berliner 22206 1459A
Mefistofele  Ecco il mondo (in Italian) Berliner 22207 1461A
Faust:  Le veau d'or (in Italian) Berliner 22208 1462A
Ernani:  Infelice, e tuo credevi Berliner 22209 1460A
The Haunted Manor:  When Ilooked into her eyes Berliner 22230 1463A

G&T Warsaw

Wrozba znachora (The quack'sprophecy) (Moniuszko) G&T 22718 1810B
O matko moja (Oh, mother) G&T 22717 1809B
Wrozba znachora (The quack's prophecy) G&T 22718 1810B
Nasi gorale (Our mountaineers) G&T 22719 1811B
Stary krol (The old king) (Hertz) G&T 22720 1812B
Skryta milosc (Hidden love) G&T 22721 1813B     
Verbum Nobile:  Serwacy's Polonaise G&T 22723 1815B
Starosc (Old age) (Moniuszko) G&T 22724 1816B
Piosnka dudarza (Bagpiper's song) G&T 22836
Widma: Children! don't you recognize me G&T 22837 489x
Halka: I lack the words to thank you G&T 22838 490x
Zaczarowana krolewna (Gall) G&T 22839 491x
Rokiczana: Ballad about Florian the Grey G&T 22840  492x
Piesn flisakуw (Sail! Young raftsmen) (Moniuszko) G&T 22841 493x
Mefistofele  Son lo spirito G&T 22842 494x

G&T Milan

L 'Ebrea: Voi ehe del Dio vivente G&T 52027 Con287
Roberto il Diavolo: Le rovine son queste G&T 052023 Con 674
Faust: Tu che fai l'addormentata G&T 052028 Con 693
Mefistofele: Son lo spirito chenega G&T 052048 Con 677
Les Huguenots:  Piff-paff G&T 052051 Con 688

Fonotipia Milan

Mefistofele: Fin da stanotte with Giovanni Zenatello Fonotipia 39509 Xph 1631
Vita Bretone: Vivea nel tempo Fonotipia 39490 Xph1662
Ernani:  Infelice! E tuo credevi Fonotipia 92225 xPh 3183
Faust: Dio dell'or Fonotipia 39485 Xph1650
L'Ebrea: Voi che del Dio vivente Fonotipia 92224 Xph3182
Gli Ugonotti: Dispersa sen vada Fonotipia 39489 Xph1629
Robert le Diable: Suore che riposate Fonotipia 92002 Xph2670
Il Barbiere di Siviglia: La calunnia e un venticello Fonotipia Fonotipia 74119 xxPh 3175
La Dama di picche Un giorno a Versaglla Fonotipia 39512 xPh 1644
La Dama di picche:  Se all'egual di vaghi augelli Fonotipia 39511 xPh 1643

Pathe New York

La Sonnambula : Vi ravviso, o luoghi ameni Pathe 27506 T66640
Le Nozze di Figaro: Aprite un po'quegli occhi Pathe 60053 E66088




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