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Luisa Villani (Soprano) (San Francisco 1884 - Milano 1961)




She was a daughter of the opera singers Giuseppina Zeppilli and Vincent Villani. As a child she came back to Italy and was trained by her father Vincenzo Villani in Milan and debuted in 1907 at La Scala as Eurydice in ‘’Erfeo ed Euridice’’ of  Gluck, while Maria Gay appeared in the title part. Then she performed at the Politeama in Pisa as Desdemona in Verdi’s ‘’Otello’’. In 1910 she made guest appearance in Mexico City appearing at the Teatro Arbeu. In the same year, Villani appeared also in Boston, Charleston, Dallas and Jacksonville. In 1913 she performed again at La Scala. Here she sang on 10. 4. 1913 the role of Fiora in the premiere of the Montemezzi’s opera ‘’L'Amore dei tre Re’’ (together with Edoardo Ferrari-Fontana, Carlo Galeffi and Nazzareno De Angelis). From 1914 to 1917 she was a soloist of the Boston Civic Opera House. In 1918 she came back to Italy and performed there until 1922. Later she spent her life in the Casa di riposo Verdi in Milan.

Chronology of some appearances

1907 Milan La Scala Erfeo ed Euridice (Eurydice)
1908 Pisa Politeama Otello (Desdemona)
1910 Mexico City Teatro Arbeu
1913 Milan La Scala L'Amore dei tre Re (Flora)



Aida: O terra addio with Carlo Cartica Columbia  A 5331 30814
Lucia di Lammermoor:  Sestetto with Carlo Cartica and Cesare Alessandroni Columbia  D 16326 30709
Il Trovatore: Miserere with Carlo Cartica Columbia  D16326 30812


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